Thursday, July 15, 2010

Journey Into The Mind Early With Inception: The Cobol Job.

If you viewed my recent and spoiler free movie review post about Christopher Nolan's latest flick Inception, then you know how much I enjoyed the film and its presentation from start to finish. Suffice to say, I'll be going on multiple screenings soon since the movie will be launching in theaters officially in a few hours, but for those who need a sample, a taste, or some kind of resolution if you were fortunate to see the premiere of the movie too - you are in luck. Apparently, there is a "Prequel Comic" to the film that has gone online in Yahoo, and I got this little tidbit from an article at Ain't It Cool News!

Titled Inception: The Cobol Job, it's an online prequel comic book that deals with events that happen just before the opening of the film. I'm sure it's required reading for those intrigued with the Inception universe, but I would advise those who haven't caught the movie yet to watch it first before diving into this one. Otherwise, you can read it by clicking on the picture above. Go on and journey into the mind early... if you dare!

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