Friday, July 2, 2010

Movie Review: Knight and Day

I finally saw Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz make trails on this super spy adventure. Honestly, the trailer seemed interesting, and with no other movies out save for the new Twilight sequel on theaters, I decided to give this one a go, even if ratings didn't really soar for this action flick.

Knight and Day is an action comedy that sees Cruise take on the role of a rogue CIA agent, Roy Miller, who's framed and on the run, risking life and neck to protect a genius inventor boy named Simon Feck, who's created a powerful device that "very bad men" from all over the world want, including a former partner of Roy's who was responsible for setting him up. Along the way, Miller runs and bumps into a woman in the airport named June Havens, who is on the way home to Boston for her sister's wedding. She is at first completely unaware of his CIA agent nature, but circumstances inside the airplane they're both riding force Miller to act and save June. From there, the movie follows the duo, as they get into more daring situations that force Roy to play double time as the hero and save June as she gets dragged into his world deeper and deeper.

Ok, now that I've described the gist of things, I'll be honest with you guys. This movie was typical at best for an action movie, especially one with Tom Cruise at the lead. There was nothing wrong with the mechanics and presentation. However, there wasn't much of a bang to make this one memorable, especially with that lackluster ending sequence that probably opens doors for a sequel if need be. Despite opening a week after Toy Story 3, the Disney Pixar movie still has more of a charm to work with that will leave audiences satisfied, unlike here where if you're just after the thrill of the chase, all you'll get is momentary satisfaction and the usual action comedy segments that make this look like a Mission: Impossible/ Charlie's Angels crossover not taken seriously. Overall, I'd recommend this one if you have nothing better to do. Otherwise, it's either watching the toys again or making room for vampire moments this week.

Rating - 3/5

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