Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Watch Out For The High School Of The Dead!

I'm a fan of the zombie genre, and it's been picking so much steam over the last few years that I couldn't be more excited of the things to expect in the coming months ahead. With Robert Kirkman's seminal graphic novel series "The Walking Dead" getting the TV Series treatment and Capcom's Dead Rising 2 shuffling closer and closer, zombies are still the ever the "in thing" as far as monsters and survival horror stories are concerned. However, there's new blood that I recently learned about from a friend that I want to explore, and it involves the anime series adaptation of a long running and currently published manga that deals with Japanese High School students banding together to fight the zombie apocalypse that threatens their very lives. Guess what the title of this is:

Yes. With a title like that, I'm game and it'll work for me!

The premise sounds awfully like your typical zombie story, laced with love, action, and social commentary. This time, however, it's done in wonderful Japanese animation, as a anime series, I'm all eyes and ears as I enjoy that genre very much as well. Written by Daisuke Sato, HSOTD follows a 17 year old kid named Takashi Komuro, who notices the initial signs of the outbreak and does what he can to avoid it and survive. However, he has to band together with several other people from his high school, including his childhood friend and love interest Rei Miyamoto, in order to increase their chances for survival. Throw in their 26 year old school nurse, and you got one heck of a survival horror team that shades of the game Left 4 Dead and even comedic zombie flick Shaun Of The Dead! Hey, anything can happen when it comes to anime, and you'd best check out the opening of this one!

High School Of The Dead Anime Opening

Now, for the PV!

High School Of The Dead Anime PV

Animated by Madhouse (Trigun), High School Of The Dead premiered in Japan last July 5 and is scheduled for 12 episodes.

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Shijirou said...

Hehe, the Pilot episode is awesome. You forgot to mention though there are a lot of "pantsu" and "boobie" shots in this lol. Lots of fanservice. Though its on a serious and dark tone, the fanservice is a welcome compensation rofl.

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