Sunday, July 11, 2010

Death Comes Back... In Action Comics?

Surprise, surprise! Looks like one of the favorites from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series is making an appearance at mainstream DC Continuity!

Death, sister to Dream and one of the Endless, will be making an appearance in Action Comics #894, now home to the on-going adventures of Superman's archrival, Lex Luthor. Now this may seem very exciting news and all, but these two come from two very different comic worlds! For those not in the loop, the current storyline of Action, written by Paul Cornell and illustrated by Pete Woods, sees Luthor on a quest for power - ring power that is, after his stint as an Orange Lantern in the pages of Blackest Night gave him a taste of "cosmic augmentation". This October, as Lex continues his journey, he'll be bumping into the cute and sexy manifestation of Death. How will things work out? Only time will tell for sure.

For more info, check out DC's website and The Source!

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