Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gear Yourself Up With MGS Peace Walker!

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is a video game masterpiece, no doubt about that, and anyone who owns a Playstation Portable owes it to themselves to purchase the game if they're after some action and adventure on the go. For the past month since the game's release, I haven't had the luxury of rest when it comes to pacing on this game. There's just so much else to do even after finishing the proper story and extended scenarios of the game, and while that may be a good thing in terms of replay value, the amount of time invested on games like this will suck you dry and leave you mesmerized guaranteed. As I chronicled in my personal review of the game, this is a definite must have, and Hideo Kojima has redefined the way Naked Snake/ Big Boss and his army of mercenaries handle themselves when it comes to cooperation and teamwork in handling various missions.

Now with that said, what else can a MGS fan do to make his allegiance known? Why, grab something like this of course!

Yes my friends, that right there is Hori's accessory set for MGS: Peace Walker, and I gotta tell you, it literally works wonders! I picked it up yesterday with my friend Mark, and the package is literally a box containing everything for the definite MGS fan! Packed in this pricey but sweet deal is a custmized Peace Walker Pouch; A green Face Cover with the MSF Logo in it; A Cleaner Strap to wipe the Screen with; and 3 Decorative Stickers that can be placed at the back of the PSP. These accessories are pretty neat, but nothing top of the line if you have those extras packed with your regular PSP already. They're just supplemental stuff that will heighten the fandom one already has over another one of Hideo Kojima's excellent games, and that's probably the reason why I got this baby. What's more, there's a character code voucher included that will give players access to a soldier they can use in the game, but how it fares in my end remains to be seen.

So overall, if you enjoy Peace Walker as much as I have and want to give your PSP some "color", this is a decent package to consider. Like MGS? Snake in and grab this official product!

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Miko Matsing said...

i'd Kill for an MSF T-shirt! :D

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