Thursday, July 1, 2010

A New Look and One Year...

Howdy Guys,

A year ago, I started this blog for the very simple reason of writing my interests surrounding the hobby world. I never expected to keep up to date with my entries, and honestly, I kept this blog as a means of filtering out my

Yet here we are now.

Today, Pop Culture Crusader turns a year old, and what comes with that is 12 months worth of blood, sweat, and tears shed over the numerous posts I've made on everything and anything popculture. I don't have any formal speeches or mushy stuff to convey at this point, but rest assured, this blog will keep on going, and continue to serve up some warm and handy info and links on the nice things we like to watch, enjoy, and play around with for entertainment. To commemorate this occasion, I have tweaked and redesigned the sight a little, just to give a fresh new look. It can still be reached at the same url, so no need to update those bookmarks and links. However, this is far from the finalized look, and changes may come over time.

Speaking of changes, the entries may be less frequent than usual, meaning this 24/7 routine will probably cease at this point (again, PROBABLY). If and when there's news or something interesting to post, I won't hesitate. However, I think the time has come to cool my engines and keep things in moderation. Right now, I'd like to take time to relax and contemplate on how far along things have come since then... and look forward to the future.

Again, welcome to the show folks... and Happy Anniversary PCC!


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