Monday, July 5, 2010

Feed Off The Night With Marvel Vampire Covers!

In the next few months, Marvel is going for a blood and bats theme, and the world of Vampires will invade the House Of Ideas!

Just like the title of the post says, Marvel Comics is ushering in some sweet looking Vampire covers for the month of October, and it's just in time for Halloween even! The one above you see is for Invincible Iron Man #31, and it pays tribute to the classic "Demon In The Bottle" storyline in which Stark stares at a VERY drunk and intoxicated version of himself. Now it's all about vampires... and this one shows Tony seeing nothing of his reflection in the mirror. Below is another vampire cover variant to Hulk #26, and it looks like the Red Hulk is getting all Dracula this time.

Remember, these are just variant covers though, so it's not canon and there are no continuity spoils just yet. Newsarama has the rest of the October variant gallery, which you can check out in their link here.

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