Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another New Costume For Spider-Man?

Apparently so as you can see from the picture above via Newsarama, and looks like Spidey's going to go "flavor of the month" around once or twice depending on the circustances during his new bi-weekly routine this November when "Brand New Day" ends and "Big Time" happens. At this year's SDCC, Dan Slott was announced as the sole writer for Amazing Spider-Man post BND, and joining him will be three artists rotating - namely Humberto Ramos, Stefano Caselli and Marcos Martin. The artpiece above is by Humberto Ramos, and in addtion to giving Peter Parker a black costume with neo green lights, it looks like he redesigned the Hobgoblin as well. Purists can breath a sigh of relief to know that Spider-Man will still be donning his traditional garb, but I guess those wacky costume variant action figures we see from toy lines will finally see the light of day... or not.

For more info, check out Newsarama's interview with Dan Slott on ASM.

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