Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Comics and Games Collide!

Two of THE BEST in stealth and combat side by side. This image practically made my day!

As seen in a link in Kotaku, The Examiner has posted up four images of comic book heroes and video game characters together, as illustrated by artist David Stonecipher. They're nicely done pieces, and my favorite happens to be the one you see above - Solid Snake and Batman prowling the night and looking to beat trouble senseless. Comic vs Video Game personalities isn't exactly a new trend, and it's making a comeback with the return of the Marvel Vs Capcom series next year, but it's fun to imagine who else can tussle and team up together from those two different worlds. You can check out more mix ups at this link, or just enjoy imagining who wins the Hulk Vs Donkey Kong battle here:

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